Tuesday, July 26, 2011

High Counts

Last week, Colin went to clinic and his ANC counts continue to rise. His ANC was at 4,200 and should be between 750-1500 so medications were increased again and we will go back next week for recheck and for meds to adjusted again if needed. (Note to self: 6mp was increased to 1 full pill 5x's per week and half a pill 1x per week - Wed).

On Thursday, we all went to the fundraiser for Camp Rising Sun held at the Owenego Beach Club in Branford. The kids had a blast dancing to music and generally running around. Colin also got to see his Dr. (Dr. Joe) at the event which he was very excited about!

The weekend was fairly low key while we stayed inside as much as possible during the heatwave! Stay cool.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another LP & Yankee Game

Daddy here ... On Wednesday, Colin had his quarterly lumbar puncture. Colin did very well and didn't even shed a tear during the procedure. Overall, the morning went smoothly and we were ready to go by noon. His ANC remains higher than the range (2500) so we continue with the increased chemo dose and increase again in two weeks if ANC remains high. Colin also started his steroid cycle which seems to be affecting him more. He complains of feeling "ewe" and just isn't himself. Tonight is the last dose so we hope he will be feeling better over the next couple of days.

Colin and Maddie staying at Gigi's and Papa's on Saturday, we drove down for the Yankee game on Saturday...What a game, the stadium was crazy as Jeter hit number 3,ooo! It was a great way to celebrate my 40th birthday. From there we headed to Long Island to one of Heather's college roommates for an 'F Cancer' party as she just beat cancer.