Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 2 - 5 years post Dx

Five years ago today, October 2nd, 2009, we heard the news no parent expects to hear. This date will always come with both a mixed sense of sadness and joy. Today, five years later, we look back and see how much we have come since that day. Colin is now 7, a happy 2nd grader. Maddison is 5 and is enjoying Kindergarten. Our days remain busy, but instead of scheduled around doctor's visits, they are now scheduled around Little League, Cub Scouts, Karate and Gymnastics.

We understand how truly fortunate we are. Colin will continue to be followed by the medical team, but is now entering the HEROES program at Yale. We can remember the days of Colin's diagnosis, sitting down with the medical team and plotting out a road map for treatment. The road map ended with a hopeful entry into the HEROES program and hearing the words your child is cured. We anxiously await the coming weeks where we can truly hear these words. 

October 2nd will always be a special day for us. It is a day to remember what is truly important in life. A day to remember how quickly perspectives, hopes and dreams can change. A day to grieve over what our son had to endure and a day to be thankful for how far he has come. Thank you to all who have supported us throughout this journey. We couldn't have done it without you... Love Mike, Heather, Colin and Maddie.