Sunday, June 27, 2010

Levels are in the range!

On Wednesday Colin had a CBC and his counts have returned to the range expected during maintenance. His ear is still slightly red however it doesn't look infected. We continue to be cautious and watch for fevers. During our visit Colin played with many of his clinic friends and once again Mommy had to force him to leave because he was having so much fun.

Now that we have a few weeks of maintenance under our belt we're realizing how emotionally drained we were for the last eight months. Some of that has been lifted as we settle into our new routine. Since Colin hasn't been around other children/people for the past eight months we're taking baby steps with socializing Colin, the last thing we want to do is overwhelm him.

This week Colin and Maddie went to their first big screen movie, Toy Story 3. The Tommy Fund held a special outing for the oncology patients and their families. Mommy and Uncle Jack were amazed on how well both children sat through the movie. Colin was a little apprehensive in the beginning and wanted to go but as he said "go, go, go" he didn't take his eyes off the screen. And Miss Maddie sat in her stroller entranced for three quarters.

Over the past couple of weeks Maddie has mastered standing and is currently working on cruising, it shouldn't be long before takes her first steps. She isn't happy unless she's keeping up with Colin :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What a Weekend!

To kick off the weekend we headed down to Milford so Colin could be Dylan's guest of honor for the children's portion of Dylan's fundraiser hosted by Great River Golf Course. It took Colin no time to warm up and begin playing with the other kids but first he made a dent in the french fries and hot dogs! He even went for a nice walk around the golf course with Dylan.

Later that evening Mommy & Daddy enjoyed getting dressed up and attended the second portion of the Dylan's fundraiser as their guests. The food was fantastic and the grounds/facility was beautiful. It was just what the Dr. ordered and was a great way to celebrate our anniversary!

On Saturday morning, Linda and Karen from Make a Wish came to our house so Colin could tell them what he wanted to wish for. After a bag full of toys and a lot of prompting he finally told the ladies he wanted to go see Mickey Mouse. Colin is extremely excited about the 2011 trip and Mommy and Daddy are forever grateful for another great organization. From what we've heard the trip hosted by Make a Wish is truly magical, the character even put the kids to bed a night!

Sunday we made our way up to Ocean State Park in New London for the Make a Wish annual family picnic. It was a blast watching Colin and Maddie play in the sand. Colin had such a great time and we think his new favorite word is "beach". Looks like we may become professional sand castle builders this summer!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ear Infection is Back

On Tuesday evening we were preparing for the start of steroid when we should have been preparing for another ear infection. Early Wednesday morning Colin woke up and was very restless. He started to develop a fever and also started to complain about his ears "ear booboo". Luckily we had a scheduled appointment on Wednesday morning so we made our way down to Yale. Upon arrival Colin's temperature was 102.9 so they immediately put us in a room that was isolated from everyone else. His blood was drawn and confirmed no blood infection however to ensure his line is not infected they treated him with an IV antibiotic and some hydration. Once completed he received his regular chemo and since the 3 day cycle of antibiotic didn't work with the last ear infection he is now on a 10 cycle (which thankfully he can take at home!) .

Asleep on GiGi while getting treatment.
When Colin was done with treatment we had a quick visit with Nanny near the Healing Garden which I know they both enjoyed.

Come home soon Nanny!

On Thursday we headed back down to Yale for the second dose of antibiotics. Colin and Maddie enjoyed animal crackers while Colin received his medicine and he quickly got into play mode with the other kids at the activity table.

Wonders what 24 hours and antibiotics will do!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wine & Hope

We sit here together writing this and find it extremely hard to put this experience into words, it's been four days since the event and we are still speechless. The event brought over 300 people from our past and present lives, we even made some new friends as we mingled and introduced ourselves. Our family is blessed to have each and everyone one of you in our lives. It is you, our support team, who gives us the strength to put on a strong face to fight along side of Colin.

Our two sisters (Courtney and Liesl) brought Colin's Crew together and after a few planning meetings the Wine & Hope event was a huge success. This event will leave an ever lasting impression on us and our family. It's almost like this group was meant to plan events because each person brought a different strength to the table and pulled it off without a glitch. We love and thank each of you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you,
Mike and Heather

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ear infection on the mend

Today Daddy and Colin made the trip down to Yale for his 3rd and final dose of antibiotics. We arrived at 3pm and after vital signs were taken Colin promptly walked Daddy over to Kacey's Korner to select the afternoon reading material.

During the infusion of antibiotics, Colin was visited by the volunteer group from the veterans association at the Groton Naval Base. Colin was sworn in as a honorary submariner, complete with a hat, photo, and official certificate. Although I think Daddy may have gotten a bigger kick out of it than Colin, it was very cute ceremony.

Colin was asking for his big wheels the minute we left clinic which was a good sign that he is starting to feel better. Throwing a tantrum when he had to wait until we got home was an even better sign that he is on the mend.

Thank you for all your prayers and positive thoughts.