Friday, June 11, 2010

Ear Infection is Back

On Tuesday evening we were preparing for the start of steroid when we should have been preparing for another ear infection. Early Wednesday morning Colin woke up and was very restless. He started to develop a fever and also started to complain about his ears "ear booboo". Luckily we had a scheduled appointment on Wednesday morning so we made our way down to Yale. Upon arrival Colin's temperature was 102.9 so they immediately put us in a room that was isolated from everyone else. His blood was drawn and confirmed no blood infection however to ensure his line is not infected they treated him with an IV antibiotic and some hydration. Once completed he received his regular chemo and since the 3 day cycle of antibiotic didn't work with the last ear infection he is now on a 10 cycle (which thankfully he can take at home!) .

Asleep on GiGi while getting treatment.
When Colin was done with treatment we had a quick visit with Nanny near the Healing Garden which I know they both enjoyed.

Come home soon Nanny!

On Thursday we headed back down to Yale for the second dose of antibiotics. Colin and Maddie enjoyed animal crackers while Colin received his medicine and he quickly got into play mode with the other kids at the activity table.

Wonders what 24 hours and antibiotics will do!

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