Sunday, June 27, 2010

Levels are in the range!

On Wednesday Colin had a CBC and his counts have returned to the range expected during maintenance. His ear is still slightly red however it doesn't look infected. We continue to be cautious and watch for fevers. During our visit Colin played with many of his clinic friends and once again Mommy had to force him to leave because he was having so much fun.

Now that we have a few weeks of maintenance under our belt we're realizing how emotionally drained we were for the last eight months. Some of that has been lifted as we settle into our new routine. Since Colin hasn't been around other children/people for the past eight months we're taking baby steps with socializing Colin, the last thing we want to do is overwhelm him.

This week Colin and Maddie went to their first big screen movie, Toy Story 3. The Tommy Fund held a special outing for the oncology patients and their families. Mommy and Uncle Jack were amazed on how well both children sat through the movie. Colin was a little apprehensive in the beginning and wanted to go but as he said "go, go, go" he didn't take his eyes off the screen. And Miss Maddie sat in her stroller entranced for three quarters.

Over the past couple of weeks Maddie has mastered standing and is currently working on cruising, it shouldn't be long before takes her first steps. She isn't happy unless she's keeping up with Colin :)

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