Monday, July 12, 2010

Levels still good & steroid week

At clinic this week Colin received his monthly dose of vincristine which is administered through his port via IV. Colin told Mommy "no boo boo arm, port Mommy". His blood counts continue to remain in the "good" range for this phase of therapy. At home he also started the steroid cycle on Wednesday (aka "ewww medicine") and like clockwork, he's developed a HUGE appetite coupled with a touch of irritability. Food choices range from mac & cheese to eggs with bread & butter to animal crackers or gold fish. He's even had a slight sugar tooth asking for oreo cookies and donuts.

Colin's favorite activities during this heat wave include playing with his new water toys, splashing in his kiddie pool and spraying Mommy, Daddy and Maddie with the hose. He also enjoyed his first play date in months at his favorite park, Brooksvale, with a friend, Joshua, who he hasn't seen in over 9 months. The boys ran around the park eager to see all the animals and to play on the swings and slide. Colin and Maddie also experienced their first fire truck thanks to North Star!

Stay cool!

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