Sunday, August 1, 2010


Our much anticipated vacation to Camp Sunshine in Maine was more than we ever expected...

Before we began our road trip to Maine, we took a quick trip down to Stamford on Saturday afternoon to celebrate Papa's birthday and saw the Big Apple Circus show. We're not sure who enjoyed it more, Papa and Gigi or Colin and Maddie.

Our trip to Maine started at 8:00 am the next morning and we weren't 15 minutes into the ride when we heard a little voice in the back seat of "the big car" (as Colin put it) telling us he wanted "OUT". Hum, how were we going to entertain Colin and Maddie for 5 hours? Amazingly, they both settled down and after countless books and many snacks, we arrived at Camp Sunshine by early afternoon.

The week was full of activities for the kids as well as the parents. It took some time for Colin to adjust to the daycare (aka Tot Lot). He took to one volunteer, Deb, who won his heart after a few episodes of kicking and screaming when we left the room. She was adamant about giving Mommy and Daddy some free time and worked with Colin one on one for hours. They read, played cars, trains, built castles in the sand box, washed a ton of toys in their make shift toy washer and took many walks in between arts and crafts. As for Maddie, she won everyone's heart and bounced from person to person ... just as she is used to!

Mommy and Daddy were able to enjoy some time with other parents in the same situation while attending a number of parent discussion groups, competing in numerous blooper games, and even a date night!

Pajama breakfast and mascaraed party was fun for all ..

Colin's new favorite activity is mini golf and would take it upon himself to venture to the activity office to pick out his golf club and ball. He loved taking his nap on the top bunk and would do laps on the deck dragging his suitcase in one hand and his elmo flash light in the other as part of his bed time routine. Within 24 hours Colin knew where everything was and would ask to go on the slide as soon as he woke up!

The week also included a special event, with a team from NESN visiting the camp for the first half of the week. They brought a crew of about 12 people and filmed the below segment that was aired during a Red Sox pre game early last week. Colin is the one playing with the trains!

As you can see the week was full of fun. We ended our stay as every family staying at Camp Sunshine does with a wish boat launch. Each child decorates a wooden boat and launches it into the pond while making a wish. It was very touching and emotional as we made our family wish.

A special thank you to Dylan and his parents, Grace and Anthony for showing us the ropes while at Camp and for Dylan and his brothers for being great "big brothers" to Colin and Maddie!

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