Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rewind - Maddie

With all the craziness over the past couple of weeks we're just getting around to the below update.

Maddie turned one on July 27th!! In between two colds, Maddie had her one year check up on 8/5 and is progressing on schedule. The Doctor was very pleased with her growth and development. She's started to stand on her own and will now take a few steps if you hold her hands. Here's how Maddie and Colin stack up at age one.....

Height - Maddie 29 7/8 inches 75% - Colin 29 inches 25%
Weight - Maddie 22 lbs 13.5 oz 75% - Colin 22 lbs 8 oz 50%
Head - Maddie 46.5 80% - Colin 47.6 90%

As you can see they are following the same pattern so we're very pleased. I tease Dadddy all the time by saying he can't deny Colin as his own and as Maddie's looks transition to toddler I can officially say the same thing about Maddie except for the red hair .. I'll take the credit for that!

Since Maddie's birthday fell on a weekday we decided to hold off and celebrate on a weekend. On Saturday August 14th we baptized Maddie and had a 2 for 1 party back at the house. Bill gave a personal and touching ceremony and once again we couldn't be more thankful. The party was wonderful and watching Maddie eat her first cupcake was hysterical ... at first she wanted nothing to do with it but once she got her first taste it was all over (literally).

Enjoy the photos!!

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