Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today Colin, Mommy and Maddie went down to Yale for his regular blood check (CBC). The drive down was not our normal route because of a truck accident on the Merritt. After attempting to enter the Merritt at two different locations I realized the highway was closed so we took the round about way to 91 and finally made it to Yale only 45 minutes late. For those of you who know Colin this didn't go over very well because we missed a number of sights on the way in and he didn't understand that we were still going to the Doctor. Needless to say he was confused but put on a brave face once we arrived.

They drew his blood, he didn't even flinch may I add, and he was quickly off to gather his pile of books but not before waving to Dylan. We had lots of visitors while waiting which made the wait pass quickly. We were surprised to hear that Colin's counts are low (his ANC is 400, target 750 -1500) so he's neutropenic. The nurse assured us that this is normal and he's probably still fighting off whatever virus he had last week. So, Colin will be chemo free for a week because we will stop all meds until his counts come up to at least 500. Next week we'll check his counts again and resume meds if he's rebounded. In the mean time we will resume caution and will not take Colin to indoor places and will ask that no one come over who is or feels like they are getting sick.

On a lighter note, Colin had a wonderful time with his friend Joshua today. Play time was outside and closely monitored but Colin had a great time racing his big wheel down the side walk and playing on the back deck.

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