Thursday, August 5, 2010

3 Month Mark

Yesterday marked the three month mark since Colin began maintenance. This is an important date, as once every three months during this phase of treatment, Colin has a spinal tap where he receives chemotherapy in the spine as a preventative measure.

The morning started with Colin waking up and asking for milk, when we told him he cannot have milk but could have water instead, he said, Mommy-Daddy, doctor today?? He appears to have made the connection with no food in morning means "procedure" days.

His ANC level continues to be in the target range of 750 - 1500, coming in this week at 1200. Mommy and Daddy can't be more proud of our little guy because once again he was such a trooper leading up to an through the procedure. A note for Mommy and Daddy .. we used 2 pain and 2 sleepy and Colin seemed a little more upset then usual, let's try 1 pain and 2 sleepy to start next time.

During the visit he also received his scheduled dose of vincristine through IV. Oh and lets not forget the ugly steroid began yesterday! Will the food of choice be hot dogs, grilled cheese, animal crackers, mac and cheese or something new this week? Post your vote through the comment link below. If you are correct you may receive a special gift from Colin :)

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