Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Colin's Crew Freezin for a Reason Polar Dip

On February 19th Colin's Crew hosted another successful event that benefited Camp Sunshine. While the wind was whipping outside, the West Haven Conference Center was filled with fun and anticipation as 2pm rolled around and 60+ plungers plus many more friends and spectators headed towards the refreshing 34 degree temps of the sound!. The event, Freezin for a Reason, raised over $16,000, enough to give 8 families the opportunity reconnect, recharge, and have some fun at Camp Sunshine! Picture video to follow shortly.

The Crew!
The plungers who raised over $16,000!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chemo Day

Today Colin received his monthly IV chemo and started the 5 day steroid regimen. Colin's counts are in the range coming in at 1500 (ANC). Maddie also came and was quickly swept away by the volunteer (Judy) soon after we arrived. We love when Judy is there because it gives us time to focus on the treatment and doctor discussions, while Maddie gets to play with another "grandma"..

As soon as the IV was complete, Colin had a coughing attack. It may have been caused by the saline flush of his line which older children say they can taste. From there, it becomes a snow ball effect of him tasting it and trying to cough it out. However, within 10 minutes he was running around the joint laughing and playing again. Whew, what a brave boy we have.

Speaking of brave, Colin received his bravery beads today. Each bead represents a different type of visit, treatment, activity, ect. It's a visual representation of everything he's been through. It will be something we string together and hang in a safe place so he'll have as a reminder of how much he has overcome when he grows into a young man.

Good night!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Yesterday our dear friend, Louise, invited us to a children's book signing for the author Bill Thomson. Colin was his typical self while we were there. He got silly with Bill by posing for a knuckle photo and showed off his new book to the photographer, Rich Marinelli. As you can see by the photo below he kept the photographer on his toes with of an awesome action shot as he let his new book hit the floor. Maddison got cozy with Louise and brought smiles to the American Eagle Credit Union girls.

Since Colin received the book he's read it a dozen times, well not really read but look at the pictures ... it's a great book for a three year old because it doesn't have any words. It's all about using your imagination and we've had alot of fun hearing what he comes up with as he turns the pages!

*Photos courtesy of Rich Marinelli.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Maddie Orthopedist & Inner Thoughts

As I pulled into the Orthopedist office yesterday, Mike behind his desk at work, I got a sick pit in my stomach as the emotions and memories of Colin's diagnosis ran through my head. You see this is the same doctor we took Colin to when he developed a limp the week before he was diagnosed. Only this time I was taking Maddie who has been walking unsteady and trips often, which has been happening for a while now. Our pediatrician recommended we have her evaluated to rule out any growth/developmental issues. The good news is it's not major and something she will probably grow out of. As a precaution they did a hip x-ray which came back fine.

We knew becoming parents was going to be the most rewarding and challenging task but we never in a million years thought we'd be faced with this much. It is hard to separate the two and I think unfortunately those emotions/memories are triggered with events like this and go with the territory. So I had to let it out when I got home and couldn't hold out until nap time. As the tears rolled both kids came over to me .. Colin wrapped his arms around me and said "Mommy boo boo?" and Miss Maddie blew me kisses from the other side of the room. Just what I needed to survive the rest of the day.

Thanks for listening and as always it is all of you who get us through these tough days.
Love to all and wishes for a great weekend!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Counts Are Coming Down

After a delay because of the latest ice storm we made it down to Yale today for a check on Colin's blood counts. They came down a little (ANC 1800). This is great news because he's just 200 shy of the range now. He's due to go back in two weeks for his monthly IV chemo of vincristine.

The nurses, staff and patients all new Colin was in the house today because he belted out his belly laugh as he flirted with one of the nurses and proceeded to run through the clinic like he owned the place. The burst of energy was a great way to end the day.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow, Steroids & Maddison

Snow, Snow & More Snow:
Last Tuesday evening into Wednesday we had our second 'huge' snow storm of the year and dumped another foot leaving us with a total of 25 inches. A few things we'd like to remember about the January snow:

  • The snow is taller then the kids
  • Only the tip of our mailbox is showing
  • We need a roof rake
  • This was our first experience shoveling the roof
  • We literally had to dig ourselves out of our house because the snow drifts wouldn't let us open our doors
  • Our dog, Ranger, found some new and interesting places to go to the bathroom
  • Parking lots are no longer parking lots their just mounds of snow

This winter we're especially thankful we landed in a great neighborhood. Through all the storms everyone has pitched in and helped one another out. We can officially say we're spoiled because we're surrounded by supportive people and have had much help digging out. Thank you to all of you .. we'd still be digging out if it wasn't for you all.

In addition to surviving the latest snow dump we also survived another steroid week. This one brought on some new challenges. It seems as though a day or two after the procedure which is also the first two days of steroid Colin's not that interested in food and makes up for it later in the week. He complained of belly aches and leg pains.

Over the last week Maddie has shown A LOT of interest in the potty and has actually gone pee on it a couple of times and as Colin would say even did 'big potties'. Gigi had to make an emergency run to get Maddie some 'big boy undies' in Colin's words. She's growing up way too quick and keeps us on our toes. She's keeping to the princess name because it never fails .. after we get her suited up to go out in the snow she screams as soon as her feet touch the snow. It's actually pretty humorous.