Wednesday, August 7, 2013

No Meds and Great Blood Counts

We've been enjoying the summer so much that time has gotten away from us!  Today Colin had his check up and we're happy to report his blood counts are exactly where they would like them.  His ANC is 2100!! The Doctor mentioned that his immune system should be pretty much back to normal and he can resume immunizations.

A few weeks ago we experienced our first cold since being off treatment with a slight fever, congestion and exhaustion.  We nearly had to pinch ourselves when the fever came on .. we looked at each other and said we don't have to call and head down to the ER, right?  The fever didn't last long however the lack of color (pale) and exhaustion lasted about a week which began on Maddie's birthday.  We'd be lying if we told you it was nothing because the reality is that the emotional aspect of it is tough.  The thoughts that take over are a bit overwhelming but we remind ourselves that he is doing great and we were at ease when another one of us got sick.

Rewind:  On July 11, 2013 we were told Colin was done with his last med (bactrium) and has been medicine free since!  This was a huge milestone.  We feel like we are missing something at night or when we pack for the day.  Our next Major Milestone is January of 2014 when his percentage of relapse reduces.  In the mean time we continue to enjoy each other.