Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Counts are Low

Today Colin had his routine blood check and we were disappointed to hear his counts are very low. His ANC is 200. As a result, he's been taken off all chemotherapy until his counts begin to recover. We will return to clinic next week for a recheck. This is not the first time he's been off chemo so we're hopeful it will be a short period of time before he's back on. In the mean time we need to lay low and are on high germ alert so visitors will be limited and we ask that visitors come and play another day if you have a sniffle or have been around anyone with a cold. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers.

Long Island Bowl A Thon For Colin

Last weekend Heather's dear friend, Rhonda, who was a roommate in college and just completed her final phase of treatment for colon cancer, celebrated by hosting a bowl a thon for Colin and our family. The night brought over 60 competitive bowlers who enjoyed a bowling marathon while enjoying drinks, dinner provide by Rhonda and her friends and family, a silent auction and many raffle items. As we introduced ourselves and thanked everyone for coming we were overwhelmed by how many friends Colin and our family has in Long Island. We heard many stories of people who follow this blog and are extremely touched by the support we have received. Once again we thank each and every one of you who came out last weekend to support our family. And to the host, Rhonda, words can't express our gratitude.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ER - Fever

Yesterday Colin came down with a fever and we were instructed by the on call Doctor to bring him in. Mommy met Colin and Daddy there and the staff quickly took his vital signs and accessed him. Colin's ANC was 900 so that was great news as we were able to come home last night and dodged an inpatient stay. Colin stayed with Mommy in the ER while Daddy went home to relieve Auntie Liesl who was watching Maddie.

As a protocol for a fever Colin has to receive a two dose antibiotic so while waiting last night he kept busy watching movies, coloring and reading but once again the Child Life Specialist saved the day after a long struggle of getting Colin to take his Tylenol with a Diego flash light. This flash light kept us busy for hours.

We went back to Yale this afternoon for the second dose and becuase he hasn't been eating or drinking much he recieved a bag of fluids. This seemed to perk him up some. His counts however decreased overnight and his ANC is now 600. The Doctor would like us to treat this as he is neutropenic so no public crowded areas, visitors will be limited and we'll take extra caution on the germ front.

Thank you for all your support and prayers!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Counts are on the rise

Last week Colin had his monthly chemotherapy infusion of Vincristine and we're happy to say we've been busy enjoying this spring like weather so it's taken us a couple of days to send an update.

His ANC is on the rise coming in at 800. Along with the chemo last week Colin completed another 5 day stint of steroid. Steroid week usually brings on food cravings, bloating, irritability, night wakings and over night accidents. However, this month was different ... maybe it was all the fresh or was it that Colin decided it was time to give up diapers completely. The independent boy he is said "Mommy no diaper" when we got home from Yale. The thought of no diaper during nap was a messy one but better during nap then at night. So we made it through nap without an accident and then came bedtime ... "Mommy no, no, no diaper". "Okay Colin but you have to tell mommy or daddy when you have to go to the bathroom". "Okay mommy". Sure enough he got up and screamed for us and ran into the bathroom. This kid AMAZES us. So diapers are a history.

Maddie is getting her four eye teeth at once so she's had a long week .. not eating very much and has an upset stomach. That said, she hasn't slowed down one bit. She has learned it's fun to be outside now that she can get into everything and play along side her brother. She's also learned how to scream at the top of her lungs and throw a temper tantrum ... luckily they end pretty quick when we divert her.

Enjoy the weather while it lasts!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Colin's Counts Are Low & Maddie's 18 Month Check-up

Daddy here. On Thursday, Colin visited clinic for his normal blood draw and blood counts. We were surprised when is ANC came back at 500. With his counts low, and as he is already fighting off a cold, we prepared for a possible fever and trip to the ER. However, so far all is good. The weekend brought a visit from Auntie and cousin Frankie on Saturday and Julie on Sunday. On Saturday, while Colin and Maddie played with Auntie and Frankie, we were able to scoot out for some shopping and a lunch date!

After climbing out of his bed three times in two days we got the hint that Colin was ready for a big boy bed. To this point he's had no desire to change his bed but because of this new interest of climbing we took quick action, took out our "Handy Mandy" tools, and converted his bed to a 'big boy bed'. For the most part he's adapted pretty well but we have had a few nights of running around the house well into off duty time.

On the Maddie front, last week she had her 18 month checkup and we're happy to report she's developing and growing right on track. Her vocabulary has exploded and she's beginning to develop her own little personality and is a little diva who picks out her clothes with a hat and bag to accompany (oh boy!). Here are the numbers:

Height: 33.75 inches (90%)
Weight: 27.4 pounds (85%)
Head: 49cm