Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Counts are Low

Today Colin had his routine blood check and we were disappointed to hear his counts are very low. His ANC is 200. As a result, he's been taken off all chemotherapy until his counts begin to recover. We will return to clinic next week for a recheck. This is not the first time he's been off chemo so we're hopeful it will be a short period of time before he's back on. In the mean time we need to lay low and are on high germ alert so visitors will be limited and we ask that visitors come and play another day if you have a sniffle or have been around anyone with a cold. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Love you sweetie,

Aun-ee Liesl

Auntie GinGin said...

Love you all, sending strength and love

Trying To Find Myself said...

Thinking of you guys! Always in my prayers <3