Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ER - Fever

Yesterday Colin came down with a fever and we were instructed by the on call Doctor to bring him in. Mommy met Colin and Daddy there and the staff quickly took his vital signs and accessed him. Colin's ANC was 900 so that was great news as we were able to come home last night and dodged an inpatient stay. Colin stayed with Mommy in the ER while Daddy went home to relieve Auntie Liesl who was watching Maddie.

As a protocol for a fever Colin has to receive a two dose antibiotic so while waiting last night he kept busy watching movies, coloring and reading but once again the Child Life Specialist saved the day after a long struggle of getting Colin to take his Tylenol with a Diego flash light. This flash light kept us busy for hours.

We went back to Yale this afternoon for the second dose and becuase he hasn't been eating or drinking much he recieved a bag of fluids. This seemed to perk him up some. His counts however decreased overnight and his ANC is now 600. The Doctor would like us to treat this as he is neutropenic so no public crowded areas, visitors will be limited and we'll take extra caution on the germ front.

Thank you for all your support and prayers!

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