Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Colin's Counts Are Low & Maddie's 18 Month Check-up

Daddy here. On Thursday, Colin visited clinic for his normal blood draw and blood counts. We were surprised when is ANC came back at 500. With his counts low, and as he is already fighting off a cold, we prepared for a possible fever and trip to the ER. However, so far all is good. The weekend brought a visit from Auntie and cousin Frankie on Saturday and Julie on Sunday. On Saturday, while Colin and Maddie played with Auntie and Frankie, we were able to scoot out for some shopping and a lunch date!

After climbing out of his bed three times in two days we got the hint that Colin was ready for a big boy bed. To this point he's had no desire to change his bed but because of this new interest of climbing we took quick action, took out our "Handy Mandy" tools, and converted his bed to a 'big boy bed'. For the most part he's adapted pretty well but we have had a few nights of running around the house well into off duty time.

On the Maddie front, last week she had her 18 month checkup and we're happy to report she's developing and growing right on track. Her vocabulary has exploded and she's beginning to develop her own little personality and is a little diva who picks out her clothes with a hat and bag to accompany (oh boy!). Here are the numbers:

Height: 33.75 inches (90%)
Weight: 27.4 pounds (85%)
Head: 49cm

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