Friday, February 4, 2011

Maddie Orthopedist & Inner Thoughts

As I pulled into the Orthopedist office yesterday, Mike behind his desk at work, I got a sick pit in my stomach as the emotions and memories of Colin's diagnosis ran through my head. You see this is the same doctor we took Colin to when he developed a limp the week before he was diagnosed. Only this time I was taking Maddie who has been walking unsteady and trips often, which has been happening for a while now. Our pediatrician recommended we have her evaluated to rule out any growth/developmental issues. The good news is it's not major and something she will probably grow out of. As a precaution they did a hip x-ray which came back fine.

We knew becoming parents was going to be the most rewarding and challenging task but we never in a million years thought we'd be faced with this much. It is hard to separate the two and I think unfortunately those emotions/memories are triggered with events like this and go with the territory. So I had to let it out when I got home and couldn't hold out until nap time. As the tears rolled both kids came over to me .. Colin wrapped his arms around me and said "Mommy boo boo?" and Miss Maddie blew me kisses from the other side of the room. Just what I needed to survive the rest of the day.

Thanks for listening and as always it is all of you who get us through these tough days.
Love to all and wishes for a great weekend!

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