Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chemo Day

Today Colin received his monthly IV chemo and started the 5 day steroid regimen. Colin's counts are in the range coming in at 1500 (ANC). Maddie also came and was quickly swept away by the volunteer (Judy) soon after we arrived. We love when Judy is there because it gives us time to focus on the treatment and doctor discussions, while Maddie gets to play with another "grandma"..

As soon as the IV was complete, Colin had a coughing attack. It may have been caused by the saline flush of his line which older children say they can taste. From there, it becomes a snow ball effect of him tasting it and trying to cough it out. However, within 10 minutes he was running around the joint laughing and playing again. Whew, what a brave boy we have.

Speaking of brave, Colin received his bravery beads today. Each bead represents a different type of visit, treatment, activity, ect. It's a visual representation of everything he's been through. It will be something we string together and hang in a safe place so he'll have as a reminder of how much he has overcome when he grows into a young man.

Good night!

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