Friday, February 11, 2011


Yesterday our dear friend, Louise, invited us to a children's book signing for the author Bill Thomson. Colin was his typical self while we were there. He got silly with Bill by posing for a knuckle photo and showed off his new book to the photographer, Rich Marinelli. As you can see by the photo below he kept the photographer on his toes with of an awesome action shot as he let his new book hit the floor. Maddison got cozy with Louise and brought smiles to the American Eagle Credit Union girls.

Since Colin received the book he's read it a dozen times, well not really read but look at the pictures ... it's a great book for a three year old because it doesn't have any words. It's all about using your imagination and we've had alot of fun hearing what he comes up with as he turns the pages!

*Photos courtesy of Rich Marinelli.

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