Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ER Visit Last Night

Last night Colin and Daddy had to visit the ER because of a fever, cough and throw up. When Colin's temp hit 101.2 the on call Dr asked that we head down to Yale. Arrival time was 8:00 p.m. so teddy and Colin's favorite blanket were in tow. Blood was drawn which confirmed his ANC was 2,000 (that's good). An x-ray was taken which confirmed no pneumonia. A urine test was also performed but it came back contaminated so results were not accurate. The final step was to receive the first dose of antibiotic, administered through his port. Home and in bed at 2:30 a.m.

Colin and Mommy made a return trip this afternoon for the final dose of antibiotic. The good news is that this visit was too the clinic rather than ER. The bad news was that Colin could not play with the other kids at the activity table but rather was restricted to the isolation room to protect the other kids from whatever virus he may have. Mommy was prepared though and asked one of the nurses for a stack of books to keep them both entertained. Colin was also much perkier today, talking and giving high fives to the doctor and nurses. The results from the blood test also came back, confirming there was no bacteria infection which is great news.

A special thank you to a special nurse we met while at the ER. Here's the short story...... "Jane" came in the room at around 12:30 am to check on Colin. She told us that we offered a reminder to her for what is really important in life...You see, she started her shift at midnight, very upset and angry for something her teenage daughter had done earlier that evening. She said that seeing Colin, and talking to him and I reminded her "not to sweat the small stuff". Through teary eyes she said thank you, left a special gift for Colin, and left the room.

Thank you all for your well thoughts and prayers. We continue to be amazed at the amount of love that surrounds us.

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