Sunday, June 13, 2010

What a Weekend!

To kick off the weekend we headed down to Milford so Colin could be Dylan's guest of honor for the children's portion of Dylan's fundraiser hosted by Great River Golf Course. It took Colin no time to warm up and begin playing with the other kids but first he made a dent in the french fries and hot dogs! He even went for a nice walk around the golf course with Dylan.

Later that evening Mommy & Daddy enjoyed getting dressed up and attended the second portion of the Dylan's fundraiser as their guests. The food was fantastic and the grounds/facility was beautiful. It was just what the Dr. ordered and was a great way to celebrate our anniversary!

On Saturday morning, Linda and Karen from Make a Wish came to our house so Colin could tell them what he wanted to wish for. After a bag full of toys and a lot of prompting he finally told the ladies he wanted to go see Mickey Mouse. Colin is extremely excited about the 2011 trip and Mommy and Daddy are forever grateful for another great organization. From what we've heard the trip hosted by Make a Wish is truly magical, the character even put the kids to bed a night!

Sunday we made our way up to Ocean State Park in New London for the Make a Wish annual family picnic. It was a blast watching Colin and Maddie play in the sand. Colin had such a great time and we think his new favorite word is "beach". Looks like we may become professional sand castle builders this summer!

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