Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Procedure Day

Today was the first day of the next three month cycle of maintenance. On day one Colin has a spinal tap (lumbar puncture) where they test his bone marrow fluid and inject chemo. He's sedated and when it kicks in he gets very chatty and silly. Today we talked about what we thought Maddie was doing and he responded with "GiGi play" and "Maddie play cars". He cracked the nurses and us up. Colin also received his monthly IV chemo (vincristine) and started the 5 day steroid today. His counts are still higher then the range so we'll increase one of his chemo pills, 6MP (note to self: went from 2 half pills on Mon/Tues and full pill Wed-Sun now it's a full pill for 7 days). This is completely normal and will most likely happen again throughout his treatment as he grows. Should his counts continue on the high side after 6 weeks we'll increase his other oral chemo meds

As Colin ran out of the hospital today he rounded corners with his belly laugh and made everyone he passed smile. This is a sight we always look forward to after these "procedure" days!

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