Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well Over Due Update

Let's start by saying, no word is good word! We've been enjoying life as you will see by the looong post below!

Medical Update: Yesterday Colin had his routine blood check and his counts remain in range, ANC 1500, so we will increase one of this oral weekly chemo drugs next Wednesday (note to self: methotraxite 3 pills, increased from 2).

Over the past month and a half Colin has been great, his counts have been in range so we've been able to enjoy life to it's fullest. Another note to self: one month ago we increased 6MP to three full pills 3x's per week (Fri, Sat & Sun) and half a pill the remainder. Increased from half a pill 7x's per week.

Camp Sunshine: Camp Sunshine did it again ... relaxed and re-energized while meeting new friends and hanging with old. We all had one thing in common, children with cancer. It didn't matter what kind of cancer or where you are in treatment the fact of the matter is no one truly understands this journey more than another cancer family. Being surrounded by other cancer families for five days gave us a taste of normalcy again. Through the group discussions, challenge course team work, blooper games and karaoke we were over come with the love and support which has given us the renewed strength to keep going strong down this cancer path.

The kids had a blast after they got over the initial anxiety of being left in Tot Lot and Colin is already asking when he can go back and play. The volunteers were wonderful with the kids and we can't wait to take two of them up on their offer ;)

Some memorable moments: Maddie learned how to go down the slide on her own * Colin loved zumba * Karaoke, Like a Virgin & Peaches & Cream sung by dear friends * The challenge course ... "look into my eyes" * Mike's team won the luv cup * Tekki Bar with the CT parents * Small world, met another family from CT and the father works with Mike * Chemo date with Hannah * Our boat launch family wish

We hope to put together a photo video but in the mean time enjoy some of our favorites!

Rewind...Somewhere in the middle of all this we fit in:

A visit to Bushnell Park to kick off the summer with an Organization called the Sunshine Kids. The kids loved the pizza truck, cupcake truck, crafts and lots of bubbles but passed on a carousal ride.

A Saturday morning at Beardsley Zoo. The kids made sure we didn't miss one animal. Colin was particularly interested in the owl and Maddie love the whole experience especially her first ice cream cone!

A date night to celebrate Mike's 40th at Lenny & Joe's. Happy Birthday!!

Locks of Love: On May 22 another cancer mother, mother of one of Colin's chemo buds, held a locks of love event where four of us donated 10 inches. The event brought in over 70 breads and we were honored to be part of it. Sherry, you put on a great event thank you for letting us be a part of it.

Relay For Life, New Fairfield:
A team of 16 walked for 13 hours on June 4th and 5th at the New Fairfield Relay for Life event and we're happy to report the team raised nearly $2,000! While we were hesitant to let Colin walk at the event looking back we couldn't have had it any other way. The evening started with a survivor lap where the four of us walked hand in hand with happy tears while supporters cheered. The second lap was for the care takers and once again the team rallied behind Colin while he made a lasting impression as he rounded the corners on his big wheel! Morgan our cousin coordinated the team and did a fabulous job, thank you Mo!!


greening67 said...

The Relay was a blast, my head feels so much lighter from cutting all of my hair off and I'm so glad you were all able to have such a great time at camp!

greening67 said...

The Relay was a blast, my head feels so much lighter with cutting all my hair, and I'm so glad you all were able to have such a great time at camp!