Tuesday, October 4, 2011

LP and counts are on the low end

Apologizes for the random post last night ... we started an update through Colin's new Ipad but as you can imagine we're still learning how it works.  He received an Ipad through a program called Ipads for cancer, sponsored through Journey 4 a Cure.  He's only had it for 24 hours and already knows how to navigate through many of the games.  We're very excited for him and love to see his beaming smile whenever he talks about his "toy"! We're also happy that he'll be able to stay connected at school for days that he may miss.   Wow, what would we do without technology and all the great organizations out there.   You've made our 4 year old very happy!  Pictures will follow :)

On the medical side, Colin had a spinal tap last week and unfortunately it was a long day.  Colin typically receives a conscious sedation for the procedure however he did not cooperate this time and resisted with strength and anger.  After two attempts the procedure was called off.  We were presented with two options 1)come back next week and we'll try again or 2)have the procedure in the OR with full sedation.  We opted for the second option.      

Holding your child as they are given sedation and feeling him go limp is a helpless feeling.  We spent most of the day in the OR. The procedure itself was fairly quick, but Colin had some difficulty breathing and required a breathing tube during the procedure and oxygen as he was recovering. We let him sleep and wake up on his own later in the day. He awoke happy but starving! He quickly went through two popsicles then moved on to graham crackers and continued to eat up until close to bedtime! 

His counts were low, coming in at 500. Because of this, as well as the ordeal on Wednesday, Dr Joe asked that he take the rest of the week off from school so we had some lazy days at home.  Thank you for all the love and support! 

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