Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Over a Month!

Wow, it's been over a month since we updated the blog ...

Colin has been doing well and has had a couple of routine Yale visits over the last month. Mid February Colin received his monthly chemo with Daddy by his side. Colin's counts were still on the high side so one of his oral chemo drugs was increased (methotrexide to 100% or 4 pills). Around the time of this visit we learned there was shortage for the injection form of this drug which is the one Colin receives once every 3 months through his spine. It is also a key drug in treatment and the one that has most effectively improved the cure rates for childhood leukemia. After a few restless nights and some good cries wondering what on earth we would do, we were relieved to learn the shortage was averted based in part on the mass media attention the potential shortage created.

At Colin's appointment last week his counts were still a little high (ANC 2000) so another oral drug, 6mp, was increased to 100% (full pill 6 days & half pill one day per week). This drug change should bring him back into the goal range of 500-1500. Our next visit will be a spinal tap and the start of the steroids. The last steroid week food craving was pancakes, wonder what it will be this month?

We found time for some family fun last Friday night and enjoyed the Monster Jam. We were a little sceptical about taking the kids but they had a great time and thanks to a wise women's advise the kids were equipped with ear muffs ... thank you Brenda!

The Colin's Crew Polar Dip was a huge success ... 95 plungers and $17,500 raised which is enough money to send 8 families to Camp Sunshine in Casco Maine! Thank you to everyone who helped plan the event, the plungers and all the supporters.

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