Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lumbar Puncture

Colin had his 'make up' lumbar puncture and methotrexate last week. The day started with our typical routine of telling Colin he cannot eat or drink until the Doctor says he can which doesn't go over very well. Once at Yale Colin was entertained by the clowns, child life and of course his books and Ipad so we only heard "when can I eat" every 5 minutes instead of every minute.

He once again has proven how strong and brave he is. This was the first time he was calm throughout the procedure and even closed his eyes for a couple of minutes thanks to the sedation. Within an hour he was up, playing and running around the garden.

He also started his monthly cycle of steroids with the food of choice appearing to be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Luckily, we buy peanut butter in bulk so we should have enough to get us through the next few days! He is also drinking crazy amounts of fluids ... something like 3 quarts in one day.
Maddison continues to go with flow. We've heard her call random people Doctor and asks every night if she gets medicine too. We've also found Colin and Maddie playing Doctor, Colin is the Dr and Maddie is the patient ... they are best friends in between sibling rivalry. We're starting to see how cancer impacts siblings also.

Papa retired this month so everyone is looking forward to relaxing with him and any adventures that may come our way!
We were honored to accepted an interview with the Record Journal. We hope our story will help gain awareness around childhood cancer and inform the community of all the great ways Colin's Crew is helping families in the same situation as us. The article is slated to run tomorrow Monday April 16th on page one and will be posted on-line at:

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