Friday, April 16, 2010

Blood Transfusion

On Thursday we went to clinic for our regular visit which included blood counts. As anticipated, Colin’s red cell count was down and he needed a transfusion. While waiting for the blood to arrive Colin was able to spend some time with his new buddy, Dylan. It wasn’t long before we realized they were dressed exactly alike and were the talk of the room. Colin seems to look up to Dylan while they read and play together.

To breakup the morning we decided to take a walk in the new healing garden. As we neglected to bring a hat for Colin, we raided the clinic’s hat rack and came back with a Red Sox hat to satisfy Mommy. Not soon after returning Colin was at the activity table playing with his girlfriend, Hannah, who is also a Red Sox fan. While we continue to tell people Colin is confused since we're a mixed household it sure does make for great conversation!
Colin continues on the same treatment regiment as last week. The chemotherapy treatment for this phase will be completed on Wednesday. The doctor’s have continued to advise us that over the next week(s) he may need additional transfusions as his blood counts begin to recover and he is able to enter into the final stage, maintenance.

Once again we're speechless with the amount of love and support we've received. Within 48 hours of launching the Colin's Crew facebook page we have 134 fans. All we can say is thank you and we'll try to keep you all updated as often as possible.


Tracy Benham Piccuillo said...

Hi Westbrooks!

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to update your crew. I check it all the time and keep you all in my prayers.
Noticed that Colin is a Yankee fan! Whoo hoo! We have season tickets if you guys ever are able to go...just let us know and we'd be happy to give you four. My e-mail is

Tracy (Benham) Piccuillo
(Heather, I used to work with Mike at Oxford and now I work at WayMark Associates)

Betsy Xeller said...

First of all, Colin's outfit is totally sacreligious!!!! Secondly, I just sent out about 500 invitations to Colin's Crew - The power of Facebook!!!! So hopefully that number will go up!! I will spread the word to friends about the event in June - This is going to be great!