Tuesday, April 27, 2010


On Monday Colin, Mommy, Maddie and Aunt Liesl headed down to clinic for a routine blood check. Our wait for the results turned into another play date for Colin. It started with Aunt Liesl reading a pile of books, playing with puzzles and 'big boy toys'. Soon after the results were in and evan though Colin's ANC went down from the week before, from 200 to 100, he did not need a transfusion.

As we headed out the door we ran into Hannah and her mother, an ALL friend of ours. The two quickly got comfortable at the table with a coloring book and crayons. They even blew each other kisses as we left... priceless

Thursday was a quick visit as Colin's counts are coming up (ANC 600). He will continue to be chemo free for at least another week. The appointment next week will be count dependent so if his counts are at least 750 he will begin the final stage, maintenance. The Doctor's are pretty confident he will be ready next week but have prepared us for a delay as Colin has not started any of the phase on time due to low counts.

On the Maddie front ...

She has mastered crawling and is into everything so it's time to baby proof again. Colin attempts to have races with her while giggling ... he looks back with a look wondering what is taking her so long. But sure enough she catches up with just enough time to exchange belly laughs and they quickly continue this process over and over again. Tonight it ended with Maddie's first swollen lip as she went head first onto the kitchen floor. She's going to be a tough girl :)

Thank you. Once again we're blown away by all the support that surrounds us. Just two weeks after Colin's Crew launched the facebook page we have nearly 450 fans. Please know that we read each and every note that comes our way whether it's email, facebook or snail mail it's one of the things that keeps our strength strong.

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