Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Week of Maintenance

Colin officially completed the first week of maintenance! The first five days included a high dose of steroid so we got limited sleep and Colin had some new food cravings which included bread and butter, cold plain macaroni, lemonade, eggs and devil dogs.

One morning before work, Colin decided he would get up with Daddy at 5:00 and by 6:05 he was saying "mommy eat dog, mommy eat dog" so I said "you want a hot dog" and he kept walking over to the pantry. Finally I asked him to show me what he wanted and don't you know it was a devil dog. So, we sat and ate devil dogs for breakfast .. yes for breakfast and it was YUMMY!

By 6:20 Colin was in the bathroom yelling "mommy potty away" and soon after he flushed the toilet. As I ran in there, he ran out butt naked giggling. My heart sank as I thought he flushed the diaper down the toilet... I could see a flood soon to follow. But no, he put the diaper in the trash where Mommy puts the dirty diapers before bath time.

This is just two of the many funny things that happened this week. But on a serious note .. Colin has started to get some peach fuzz so GiGi keeps rubbing it so it will come in quicker. We've also spent a lot of time outside enjoying the spring weather.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers this past week.

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Jackie Bushey said...

God Bless you all and many hugs and kisses to Colin!!