Monday, May 31, 2010

Two ER Visits - Ear Infection

Last week was the start of Colin's new clinic schedule, he promptly arrived with Daddy on Wednesday morning for a CBC. The visit included an exam by the nurse practitioner and the doctor as well as a review of Colin's counts, (ANC 2100). This is good news as it indicates that Colin has been tolerating the medication well.

On the way out Colin ran into Dylan (one of his ALL buds) and the two of them quickly got into play mode. They ran up and down the clinic hall and got everyone's attention with their belly laughs. The staff began to ask if that was really Colin. You see Colin typically puts his game face on when we have 'the chat' in the morning and it isn't until we are safe at home when he'll take his guard down. It was great to see the two of them feeling good and running around.

Things quickly turned and both Colin and Maddie caught an upper respiratory infection. It began last weekend when Maddie developed a low grade fever that slowly turned into a nasty cold. Colin started to show signs on Wednesday and now has it full fledged. Between cries and irritable moments we're whipping noses, washing hands and taking temperatures a lot.

Yesterday, Colin developed a fever of 102 which meant a visit to the ER. Upon arrival we discovered he has an ear infection. The staff quickly took a CBC and culture and began hydration. Once Colin's counts arrived he received an antibiotic for the infection and to Mommy and Daddy's surprise Colin's ANC was 7100. This was a bit unsettling since the goal of maintenance is to stabilize his counts between 750-1500. After another phone call this morning with the on call Dr we were reassured that an increase in his white cell count is normal to combat the infection.

Today Colin has spent most of the time in our bed and on the couch while snuggling with Mommy or Daddy. Every so often he yells out in pain. It breaks our heart seeing our little guy in so much pain over an ear infection after everything else he's been through. He's such a trooper and is our little hero.

As I write this Colin and Daddy are making their way down to the ER for the second dose of the antibiotic and we will repeat this again tomorrow for the final dose.

exhausted, worried and helpless

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