Thursday, September 23, 2010

Enjoying Life

Our upfront apologizes for not updating the blog in weeks but we've been busy having fun! Please rest assured we will post immediately if we come across any speed bumps because it is all of you who give us strength :)

Last week Colin went in for his routine blood check and his counts are still in the good range so we've been taking advantage of this time and living life to it's fullest (well the fullest we can) by going to several parks, a couple outdoor parties and even a store (which was a little overwhelming with two kids and only one Mommy but we'll get the hang of it as we do it more often :) Here is what we've been up too over the past few weeks ...

We were fortunate to be a guest on the Quinnipiac Scooner with some other cancer patients and family's. The sail was hosted by an organization called R.A.C.E. Great time was had by all and we met some more brave kids and amazing families. Thanks for the photos Jen!

Annual Clam Steam:
The Westbrook annual clam steam was another success and as our family's grow it becomes more interesting each year with the kids running around! Here is Colin cleaning the clams with Daddy.
Store Trip with Two:
Maddie is wondering why she has to share the cart now when this was a Mommy & Maddie chore in the past. Mr Colin on the other hand had a blast. As for Mommy .. let's such say I was pooped after!
Potty Training:
Colin has been busy using the bathroom and finding trees outside. We're very proud of him because within a few days of introducing undies he got the hang of it. But I have to say he's most proud when he finds a tree outside because he has to see how far it will go .. so darn cute (lol). Take note to the ad Colin's reading in the pic below ...

We've had a lot of time to make up for so another weekly activity seems to be the park. Colin now has two favorite parks 1)Animal Park (Brooksvale) and 2)Slide Park (a big jungle gym here in town). Maddie loves the slide park too .. Colin taught her how to climb up the slide in no time (did I mention she's not walking yet but climbing up a slide - she's going to be our climber ... look out)!

Our First Football Game:
One Friday evening we packed the kids up and headed off to Cousin Frankie's high school football game. The kids had a blast .. Colin was in aww by the game and almost ran onto the field a couple of times. Miss Maddie cruised up and down the fence and kept us on our toes!

Annual Greening Get Together:
Last Saturday we packed the car and headed to up state NY for the annual Greening get together. The day was full of activities... corn maze, raspberry picking, polish horse shoes, great food, beer, awesome company and lots of laughs. The only thing that was missing was Nanny but we know you were looking down on us with a beer in hand! Wishes on Wheels Truck Convoy:
The wishes on wheels (Make a Wish) truck convoy was another huge success this year. Over 450 trucks convoying down Rte 84 with wish children and their families as passengers. Colin choose an Air Force Rescue truck that was pulling a mini airplane. We were the third truck in the convoy and lead the firetruck section. Colin sat in the front seat with Daddy and quickly mastered the sirens and lights. At the tail end of the ride Colin started exploring the CB's and found the loud speaker where he said hi to Nanny and Poppy as we passed. Our driver was great and gave us the low down on everything as it was happening. The ride was truly amazing and brought tears to my eyes a couple of times as I watched Colin wave to the people pulled over on the side of Rte 84 or standing on the bridges waving.

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