Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday

This weekend we packed Colin and Maddie up and headed to the Durham fair on Friday afternoon to celebrate Colin's third birthday. Once there Colin insisted we had to head straight to the animals, specifically the cows. He lead us through each of the animal buildings informing us of his favorites and not so favorites. I took him on a carousel ride that he didn't like at all .. started screaming as soon is it started. But I don't blame him .. it was a VERY fast carousel (the picture below was taken before the ride started). Luckily the controller stopped and we were able to ride in a seated area. Next Colin and Daddy tried the giant slide per Colin's request. This didn't go over very well either .. he screamed and had a look of terror on his face as they came down the slide. We quickly removed ourselves from that area and grabbed some fair food and found a nice spot in front of the main stage where we were able to enjoy a country band for a while. The kids had a great time running, crawling and dancing around .. they wore Mommy and Daddy out!

I also celebrated my birthday this weekend with a nice lazy day on Sunday. The gift I asked for, seeing Colin and Maddie have fun on Friday, was the best birthday present a mother could ask for. I look forward to sharing many more birthday weekends with my son!

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