Monday, October 25, 2010

First, First, First

With two young children we encounter 'firsts' nearly every day but this past week we have a couple that are worth writing about ..

On Wednesday afternoon, I packed the kids up and strapped Nanny in for a 20 minute ride to get the kids hair cut. Since it was Maddie's first hair cut and Colin's first since his hair grew back I decided we should go all out and went to a children's salon. Upon arrival, Colin clung to my leg because another boy was screaming in the chair. Colin wouldn't walk in without me pulling him. I quickly thought to myself how on earth am I going to get him in the chair after witnessing that. Thankfully, Maddie came to the rescue and went into the chair willingly. While she got her bangs trimmed Colin looked on with amazement. Maddie loved every second of it, in fact she was upset when she was all done and let out a huge scream when I placed her back in her stroller. Colin quickly put on his serious face and held on tight as I put him in the chair. However, once the hairdresser started the movie for Colin he started to relax. Colin looks like a young boy with his new hair and fresh hair cut and Maddie can now see without her hair in her eyes not to mention the little diva in her!

The kids first birthday party and trolley ride was a two for one deal as we celebrated Colin's friend Joshua's third birthday at the trolley museum in East Haven. The kids enjoyed the ride and once again Maddie just goes with the flow .. she even found another family to snuggle with while Colin held on tight. Half way through the ride the trolley stopped in the yard where we were able to visit antique cars, color pumpkins, drink cider and sang happy birthday to Joshua while enjoying birthday cake.


Anonymous said...

Too Cute! xoxo

The Barnett Family said...

Love the haircut!