Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spinal Tap

Wednesday was a long morning .. it started at 6:00a.m. with Colin asking for milk and as you all know on procedure days he can only have clear liquids the morning of a procedure day. After distracting him for a while, we made our way out of the house, but due to an accident on the merritt, we sat in traffic for 45 minutes which made us VERY late for our appointment. Colin was a trooper and only asked to eat 100 times. Once his IV was hooked up we quickly changed gears and played, made crafts and read at the activity table. His spinal tap took place at 11:00 and was the first time Dr. Joe performed the procedure. Colin was content playing with his trains leading up to and during the procedure. As soon as it was over he demanded food .. he ate a banana, a cheese stick, 2 sippy cups of milk, 2 bags of teddy grams, 1 bag of animal crackers and continued with apples and a grilled cheese when we got home. It didn't stop there because at dinner he chowed on two grilled cheese and a few crackers. Hum, would you say the steroid kicked in already? We made an emergency run to hostess to pick up some more bread in case grilled cheese is the food of choice this week!

Colin's counts continue to be in the target range so he was told to have a great Halloween and we plan to do just that.

Note to self, 1.5 pain meds seem to work perfect

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