Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Halloween

This year Halloween was a lot of fun. The festivities began on Friday night when we packed the kids into the car and headed to cousin Frankie's football game. Both Coginchaug and Old Lyme were undefeated . The game was voted as the game of the week so the stands were packed. The game was action packed. However, as Colin was becoming uncomfortable with the steroid we made our way home during the first half.

On Saturday evening the kids had their first sleep over at GiGi and Papa's house since Colin was diagnosed. Colin and Maddie gave Gigi and Papa a run for their money with their TV, food, and activity requests while Mommy and Daddy enjoyed an over due night out shared with Auntie Courtney and Uncle Mike. The night was full of much needed laughs and love. Thank you Gigi and Papa for giving us the night off and to Court and Mike for giving us a reason to get out and have a good time. Love you all.

Mike starting preparing a large pot of stew early Sunday morning while the kids caught up on some sleep. Gigi, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Liesl, Cousin Frankie, Nanny, Poppy, Uncle Jack and Neven started gathering around 4:00. The kids entertained everyone with their costumes .. Colin was a train conductor and Maddie was a pumpkin. Colin had a great time playing with all the extras of the costume (a flash light, whistle and a wrench). Maddie was the cutest pumpkin and had all eyes on her when she tried to walk. She would take a couple of steps and plop down on the floor because the costume would get in her way. Too darn cute.

Rewind .. On Thursday Colin's playgroup had a little Halloween party where the kids dressed up. When I tried to get Colin to wear the train conductor costume he wanted nothing to do with it so he was the famous 'Dr. Colin' and Maddie sported her pink poodle outfit. This was a spur of the moment purchase when I ventured to BJ's with the two of them one day and Maddie went crazy over the costume. Now how do you say no to that??

We enjoyed visiting a few houses on the street, um probably a total of 5 until the cold started to get the better of us. So we quickly returned home to a house full of family and warmed up with Mike's famous beef stew.

Oh how one year can make a difference in the world of cancer when we reflect on how much we've learned and how much Colin has accomplished over this year. Thank you for continuing to follow our story and for the positive thoughts and prayers. It is all of you who give our family the strength needed as we continue on our journey

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