Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Colin's Blood Check & Maddie's 15 Month Checkup

Last week Colin had his routine blood check and his counts continue to be in the target range so we proceed with all meds and will return to clinic next week for his monthly IV chemo. We also received the results from the last spinal tap and we're happy to report there were NO leukemia cells found. We couldn't be more proud of the way Colin is fighting this awful disease.

On the Maddie front, she's growing up way to fast as we just had her 15 month check. The Dr is very happy with the way she's progressing especially how she managed to finally sleep through the night around the one year mark. She has a few favorite words . . doggie, aww done, nigh nigh (night night), ock (sock), all (ball) and memo (Elmo).

Here's how Maddie and Colin stack up at the 15 month mark ..

Length: 31.5" - 75%
Weight: 25lb 8oz - 85%
Head:47.5cm - 85%

Length: 30 3/4" - 25%
Weight: 24lb 10.5oz - 50%
Head: 48.1cm - 75%

Thank you for checking in on us and hope everyone is enjoying the fall :)

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The Barnett Family said...

Great news. Always good to hear! Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving.