Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Gigi

On Sunday we celebrated Gigi's 60th birthday with a small family & friend dinner party. Many smiles and lots of laughs filled the room as we celebrated. The party was complete with the famous ice cream cake and the off key birthday song .. Greening style!

Gigi raised three wonderful kids (if I can say so myself) and is always there for our family. She has taught us to be strong, that it's okay to cry but most importantly she taught us how to love. As Mike and I raise our two children we practice these learnings every day and hope our children will value them as much as we do. We hope you enjoyed your birthday Gigi and we wish you a year of happiness ahead and of course another 60 years .. we love you!

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Denise and Jay said...

I am truly blessed. Such a wonderful family. Had a great time at the party. I look at each of you and could not be more proud.....I love you all, Heather, Courtney, Jack, Colin, Maddison, 'the Mikes' and of course Jay!