Sunday, December 12, 2010

Counts are Good, Colin's Cookies for Cancer & New Haven Register Article

Colin went for his routine check up on Wednesday and his counts continue to be in the target range (ANC 800) so all meds and schedules remain the same. He continues to charm everyone at clinic with his crazy hair do while running up and down the hallways giggling.

Last weekend was action packed. On Saturday we ventured out to the Lego convention in Hartford and once Colin got over the initial shock of the place he had a blast racing lego cars, building towers and visiting all the full scale displays as Maddie looked on from the comfort of her princess seat. On Sunday we made a quick appearance at the Tommy Fund party and enjoyed a great meal, music, caught up with our Yale family friends, saw Santa and even received a gift for both Colin and Maddie. Colin was still cautious of Santa this year but enjoyed receiving a toy from him. Maddison on the other hand was in awe.
Colin's Crew - Colin's Cookies for Childhood Cancer
On Sunday, Colin's Crew hosted a bake sale fundraiser to benefit the Tommy Fund. The bakers went all out with carmel apples, gingerbread men, cupcakes, carmel popcorn and every kind of cookie you could imagine and thought of every detail! The Crew split into two groups and the 'grandmother's' primarily planned this event while the 'kids' focused on the February event, Colin's Polar Plunge. Stay tuned for details. 'Grandmother's' you all out did yourself this time!
We're so blessed to have the Crew behind us in our new mission and are truly thankful for the supporters that made the event successful.

New Haven Register Article
Also on Sunday .. Colin, our family and Colin's Crew were featured in the New Haven Register. We are honored to share our story about our brave boy and the success Colin's Crew has had. Below is a link to the article.

As for this weekend it's all about Christmas prep :) Thank you for checking in on us, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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