Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas & Fever/ER

We hope everyone enjoyed Christmas. We certainly did. It was amazing to watch it through a 3 year old and 1 1/2 year olds eyes. The celebration started here at our house on Christmas eve with our siblings (Auntie Courtney, Uncle Mike, Uncle Jack, Auntie Liesl, Uncle Joe and cousin Frankie). We enjoyed surf and turf, drinks and lots of laughs.

You could tell Colin was a little anxious when he went to bed. He did however fall asleep quickly which is not the norm. The next morning he woke up bright and early and wanted to see what Santa brought. We woke Miss Maddie and headed down to see what Santa left. Colin tore through the presents in minutes and ended with a huge smile when he noticed the train table off in the corner. He played with it for hours and taught his sister how to make the trains go! A quick stop at Gigi and Papa's for a glimpse of what Santa left there was magical as we watched Colin teach Maddie how to open presents. Christmas day ended at Auntie Liesl and Uncle Joe's house where we had another wonderful meal. Colin was able to show some restraint in not tearing into the presents early in the day, but after a couple of hours, we thought he would burst if he had to wait any longer, and gave the green light. Oh, to be a kid again on Christmas day. On Sunday during our first nor'easter of the year, we celebrated Christmas at Gigi and Papa's with Nanny, Poppy, Auntie Courtney, Uncle Mike and Uncle Jack. The presents just kept coming and the smiles on the kids faces grew bigger and bigger each time. We'll post some pictures later this week!

During all the celebrating the four of us have been fighting off colds and last night Colin spiked a fever (101.7) so around 10:00pm Daddy and Colin headed to the ER. Anything above 100.4 is an ER visit for Colin. Once there he had a chest xray, blood draw, Tylenol and antibiotics. Since Colin's counts were good he was able to come home (they got home around 4:00am) so we've had a lazy day while Colin and Daddy slept the day away. The fever broke around 12:00 today and around 3:00 he changed locations from our bed to the couch. He is now enjoying some movies. Back to clinic tomorrow morning to receive his second dose of antibiotics.

Thanks for thinking of us and sending your love!

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