Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another Month

On the 7th Colin had his monthly blood check and his counts were just above the range coming in at 1900. Colin's doctor decided to keep his meds as is for another two weeks so we had a great two weeks leading up to Christmas. We saw lots of lights and drove through Hubbard and Light House park park to see the displays. Both kids enjoyed those evenings and were full of ewwws and ahhhhs.

The week after Colin had his four year check up with his pediatrician and we're happy to report he's growing and developing at a good rate. She's extremely pleased with Colin's school placement and the speech therapy he's receiving. Once again all his vaccines were held due to his diagnosis.

The Wednesday before Christmas Colin had a spinal tap where fluid was taken and tested and he received a dose of methotraxide (chemo) through his spine. There is a national shortageItalic for Fentanyl which is the drug they give Colin before the procedure for pain so they used Morphine. Colin cooperated much better then last time so the procedure took 20 minutes from start to finish. The Morphine did however make Colin more groggy afterwards. It took him some time before devouring the food we packed but before long he was up and playing at the activity table. He started the steroid and was on it through Christmas. I must say it wasn't a bad steroid week ... not sure if we should thank the Elf or the anticipation of Santa but whatever it was we are thankful! Colin's blood counts (ANC 5300) are way above range so his chemo was increased to bring his ANC back down to the targeted range - 750-1500 (Note to self: Metho was increased to 3 pills. 6MP was increased to alternating full pill and half pill)

Christmas was amazing this year. The kids are at a fun age and enjoyed every part. Here are a few highlights:
Colin's favorite gifts were a art easel and legos
Maddie's favorite gift was a Barbie Doll
Colin enjoying asking a ton of Santa questions and spreading Reindeer food in the yard for Rudolph.

Maddie has been fighting off a cold and just in the last day has started wheezing and coughing but still doesn't skip a beat. She's busy playing with all the new toys Santa brought and continues to be the princess in this house. Her vocabulary has exploded and her favorite saying is "me too". She does not want to be left out of anything and will let you know it!

Colin's Crew Update:
Nanny, the kids Great Grandmother, made stockings for the Yale Oncology in-patient children. The stockings were hung on the kids IV poles in hopes Santa would find them. In the morning the children woke to full stockings thanks to the Elfs at Yale!

The team delivered our first meal to the in-patient families on Christmas day. The main course was donated by Doody's in North Branford and was accompanied by personal apple pies from Lyman Orchards of Middlefield. We hope to provide another meal in the near future!

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