Friday, January 20, 2012

Counts are in range!!!

Colin received his monthly IV chemo last week and completed another steroid stint. After a month of high counts we're happy to say Colin is in range again (ANC 1500). His meds remain the same and we'll go back next week for a blood check. Pancakes were the food of choice this month, consuming nearly 30 mini cakes in one day. Our sticker chart continues to help with the over night wakings on steroid and off... thank you Michelle for getting us back on track.
Over the past couple of months we received news of friends from Yale with children who have the same diagnosis as Colin. Both touched home and continue to. It reminds us that what we're living is real and cherish every moment. You see, a little girl that is Colin's age, same diagnosis and was scheduled to be done with treatment around the same time has relapsed. This news hit us very hard because we not only have become friendly with this family but the fact of the matter is this could have been any of the children fighting this disease and yes it could have been Colin. Another boy, a little older who is fighting this disease for the second time had a scare when they found leukemia blasts in his blood. Further tests ruled out another relapse. Thank god.

This cancer community is like no other ... one mother called it sisterhood recently and we couldn't agree more. We all became family instantly and when you hear news like this it puts everything into perspective again. Yes we're in it to win it but the reality is the fight will never be over. We're just so thankful to have the support around us and the bond with all the cancer family's.
On a lighter note, Maddison has decided it's time to potty train. She's been hinting for a while now but when she starting taking off her diaper when full it was a sure sign to begin. She's catching on pretty quick and is so proud when she gets to the potty in time.
Hugs until next time!

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