Monday, June 25, 2012

Clinic Visit

Today's visit to clinic started off with a bang. Colin and Maddie were confused when it was darker at 8am then it was when they went to bed the night before! Papa was there for the clinic visit today, keeping Colin occupied and meeting the nurses. The good news is that no transfusion was necessary today. Although Colin's counts dipped a bit more; his hemoglobin registered at 8.6, we are hopeful that his body will rebound and will not require a transfusion. Back on Friday for blood check. Thanks for the prayers and positive thoughts.....Keep them coming!

Favor: we entered the kids into a photo contest to win a themed party and photo shoot, with their birthday's just around the corner we thought they would love to celebrate in style. We were in the lead for the first few weeks of the contest but have fallen a bit behind. Can you please take a moment to vote for us? You can vote once per day until July 1st. It’s VERY simple. Click on the below link for Laura Dee Photography, “LIKE” their facebook page, click on the photo contest button, scroll down and vote for the Colin & Maddie's photo (3 clicks, 3 seconds)!!

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