Friday, June 29, 2012

Update Written by Cousin Frankie

Tonight's post is written by Cousin Frankie:

Today I went to the clinic with Colin and Aunt Heather for his blood check.  I was able to come along at Colin’s request! Colin introduced me to all of the nurses and we worked together to complete a difficult puzzle.  I had a really good time at the clinic meeting everyone and seeing how friendly everyone is and how good they are with each child. I was also able to see his favorite part, reading along with Charlotte, one of the Child Life Specialists, and reading a story that Charlotte put together about his journey with cancer since diagnosis. Colin’s blood counts may have been on the lower side but he has the green light to have a great day tomorrow at my graduation party! I am looking forward to introducing him to the slip n slide and possibly a couple fireworks later on at night!

Notes from Mommy and Daddy: ANC 900, Hemoglobin 8.8. Ret. 6.7. Hemoglobin still on the low end back next week for month chemo and more blood tests.

Colin learning how to give Gabe the Chemo Duck his medicine:

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