Sunday, July 8, 2012

Counts are Up & First Family Camping Trip

Quick update because we are all exhausted from our first weekend camping trip as a family!

Last week Colin went in for his monthly IV chemo and we're happy to report his counts went up to 1800 (ANC) and his hemoglobin rebounded to 9.9.  The Doctor would like to test his G6PD (glucose 6 Phosphade Dehydragenase) at our next visit.  This will help determine if we should change one of his drugs (Dapson). 

We were not only excited to hear his counts rebounded but we were also given the green light to head up north for the weekend.  We met Auntie Courtney and Uncle Mike for our first family camping trip with the kids at our favorite Vermont state park, Gifford Woods.  With no expectations in mind the kids far exceeded everything we had hoped.  Colin's favorite part was rock climbing (well really rock walking) in a stream while Maddie's was cooling off in the frigid stream water with Daddy waist high.  Daddy's favorite part was Long Trail Brewery and Mommy enjoyed the campfire meals.  As a family we shared a special moment at a wishing.  We asked Colin to make his wish. He paused and said "it's the same one from Camp Sunshine ... healthy blood". Sniff sniff .. a four year old should be wishing for a new bike! Please continue to help us spread awareness around childhood cancer and Colin's Crew.

We hope to upload a few pictures later in the week but for now we need to catch up on some sleep!

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