Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Counts are Good and Make a Wish

Today Colin had his routine checkup and his counts are good coming in at 1600.  His meds will remain the same but if he is still over the 1500 threshold at the next visit we will increase one of his oral chemo drugs. 

We continue giving Colin is anti pneumonia medicine (aka ewww medicine) three days a week and the trick is using a Popsicle as a chaser.  Here is a conversation we had last Friday:

"Colin we have to take medicine this morning"
"okay mommy, the ewww kind?"
"yes sweetie"
"red Popsicle please"
"you got it"

This week we were honored to have a visit from our Wish Granters from Make a Wish.  They came with gifts in hand and since the two new Granters haven't met Colin or our family before they asked him what his wish was and it went like this:

Make A Wish "Colin, what is your wish?"
Colin "healthy blood"
Make A Wish ...pause, "let's rephrase that, who would you like to go see"
Colin "MICKEY MOUSE!!!!!"

Wow, is really only 5 (well almost 5)??

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