Thursday, September 20, 2012

Whirlwind kind of a month

It's been a whirlwind kind of a month!

Since our last post Colin had his 21st spinal tap (but whose counting), IV chemo and we survived another round of steroids right before school started.  We once again we're amazed by Colin's strength and bravery, during his procedure he didn't flinch or shed a tear.  He had the perfect combination of sleepy and pain meds where he was giddy and pretty funny.  Once the procedure was done he received a personal magic show during his 30 minutes of resting/laying down.  He was then entertained by the silly clowns in the infusion room while we played for another 30 minutes of monitoring. 

Last week he also had his routine blood check and we're happy to report his counts are in range!

Colin started kindergarten at the beginning of the month and at the very end of our last appointment we were given the green light to play t-ball.  To many this is just another day but to us both are major milestones.  Nearly three years ago when we heard those words 'your child has cancer' we were unsure were our life would be three years from them.  Here we are and we catch ourselves getting caught up in the MOMENT and mommy was caught shedding some tears during those proud moments!

Maddison also had some excitement ... she had her three year checkup and the Doctor is very happy with her growth and development.  She weighed in at 35.8 (90%), height 38 1/4 (75%) and blood pressure 88/62.  She too put on a brave face when she was poked with the MMR and Varicella (chicken pokes) shots. 

That Saturday was the annual Westbrook clam steam and while unloading the car Maddison decided to change her outfit inside the open van.  She lost her balance and took a head first fall onto the driveway.  The clam steam carried on but Maddie spent most of the afternoon on the couch for what we thought was a fever but approximately six hours later she started vomiting.  After speaking with her doctor we opted to play it safe and took her to the ER where she was treated as triage and long story short we opted for no cat scan and compromised by overnight monitoring.  So as Maddie put it we had a sleep over at Colin's Doctor.  After being woken up every two hours, answering two questions, vitals and pupil check we were discharged the next morning. 

Thank goodness we had the holiday to sleep the day away because the next morning Colin started kindergarten and two days later Miss Maddie started pre-school.  We're happy to say both have adjusted to their new schedules and we couldn't be prouder of the two of them.  Colin walks into school hand in hand with his girlfriend and Maddie is a sight of her own with her back pack larger than her and a smile from ear to ear!  If you've been following us you know Colin did not speak last year in his pre-school class ... that has changed, he has been speaking since day one!!  Now we're working on his coaches.

Here are some of our favorite photos from the past couple of weeks:


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