Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bone Marrow Test Results

Today we received a call from Carolyn, Colin's Nurse Practitioner, who had good news about Colin's bone marrow test. Last week the cancer cells were reduced to 54% but this week he's down to 0.4%. She is very pleased with his progress and said his body is doing everything it needs to do right now. In the morning we're headed to Yale so they can check his blood counts before the weekend.

Colin was very tired and clingy today, he took an early nap. Later in the day Mommy, Colin and Maddie enjoyed a nice walk in the 70 degree October weather. Gigi stopped over with dinner from another friend and took some time out to snuggle with Colin on the couch. When Daddy came home Colin had already eaten dinner so it was play time with Daddy before bed. Did I mention he's eating us out of the house? The steroids must be working.

Pictures from buzz day were added to yesterday's post.

Today Colin has 50 crew members (followers) ... we're speechless.

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