Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One Month Post Diagnosis

Friday Follow Up Appointment: Colin's follow up appointment on Friday went very well - counts continue to increase and we got the okay from the Dr to take him to a couple of houses for Halloween. ANC level nearly tripled in three days!

Halloween: Colin was very excited to dress up for Halloween, he was Dr Colin and sported elmo slippers. Maddie was a Yankee cheerleader against Mommy's better judgement but Daddy was happy! Daddy made his famous stew, which has now become a Halloween tradition. Colin and Maddie spent the evening with Grandma, Grandpa, Nanny and Poppy and went to the neighbors houses to show off their costumes. They were pooped and in bed by 7:00.

Earlier in the Week: As the therapy and medications begin to take on a cumulative effect, things have become a little more challenging ... Colin goes through periods where he just doesn't know what he wants (a side effect of the steroid he is on) - his mood changes very quickly. Also have we mentioned he's eating us out of the house? The Doctor's response to this was "there is nothing worse than a two year old on steroids" (lol).

Temperature: He scared Mommy on Wednesday with a slight increase in temperature - it didn't result in anything but a worried Mommy. Needless to say, we learned the day after chemo is a tough day for Colin.

This week: On Tuesday Colin is scheduled for a spinal tap which is how he will receive his chemo this week. He will also have a bone marrow aspiration. The results of this test will determine the next course of treatment.

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Auntie GinGin said...

Dr. Colin looks very important working on his favorite patient!