Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fourth Chemo Day

This week Daddy started a new work schedule working four ten hour days to be able to come to clinic for important visits.

The three of us headed down to New Haven early this morning for our 8:30 appointment. Thank goodness we made it early because Colin couldn't eat anything after midnight last night and all he wanted this morning was his milk. Did I tell you all he's eating us out of the house with the steroids he's on. Anyway, once down there Colin was prepped and received another bone marrow test. He was much calmer this time than from previous. His platelet count is rebounding but his hemoglobin came down so he received a transfusion today. His immune system is VERY low right now so the doctor reminded us that Colin should not be around anyone who is sick.

On the Maddie note, she only got up once last night ... Yipppeeee! Gigi started out the day with Maddie and was relieved by Grandma and Grandpa.

Once home we went for a nice family walk, Colin walked for a while so he was pooped when we got back. He was asking to go nighty nighty at 6:00. We were able to hold him off until 6:45, gave him is meds and off to lala land he went.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers today :)


Unknown said...

It is so great to see that Colin is doing so well. We can't wait to see you all this weekend.. COURTNEY and MIKE

Unknown said...

Dear Heather, Mike, Colin and Maddison,
Nanny and Poppy will be following your journey which is so beautifully written and recorded. We love you,
Nanny and Poppy

Anonymous said...

Dear Colin,

It was so nice spending time with you and Maddie and your Mom today. It was fun playing cars and reading stories. See you soon,

Lots of love,

Aunt Liesl

Auntie GinGin said...

Love you all so much
Auntie GinGin & Family