Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lyman Orchard's

Today Mommy brought Colin and Maddie to Lyman Orchard’s to feed the ducks. Since Colin cannot go into public places we’ve gotten a little creative during the winter months finding activities to bring a smile to our two year old.

Upon arrival I realized we didn’t bring food for the ducks but I was determined to find a way. With two children in the car I thought I’d ask one of the customers walking in to purchase us a bag of food however when I approached the door I ran into an employee and asked if she could help me. I explained our situation and how I couldn’t bring Colin into the store and would she be able to purchase a bag of duck food for us and bring it back out. Without hesitation she said of course so I handed her the dollar and she quickly returned with a smile and a bag of food.

As we were feeding the ducks this kind employee walked through the parking lot and brought Colin another bag of duck food. This is such a small gesture however it was huge for my son and priceless for me to see his smile while feeding the ducks.

We hope to run into this employee again on our weekly visits and hope we can catch her name next time.

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